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UAB Krisma specializes in international cargo transporting. We can also offer warehousing services in our warehouse.



Company “KRISMA” was established in 1994. Valuable experience earned throughout long working years in the transporting sector allows us to adapt and react to constantly changing market without unease and use our company’s full potential. Over two decades, our company had managed to earn the trust of our partners and to continue developing cooperation as well as organize international transporting in different routes. We are also long-time proud members of the Lithuanian carrier association “LINAVA”. Long years working employees are a perfect example of stability which is one of the main company’s values.

We have 28 trucks  and 3 refrigerated trailers. Every year the fleet is being renewed in order to avoid technical difficulties while delivering cargo. Trucks and trailers are on average 3 years old. The fleet is constantly supervised by our repair specialists; therefore we can ensure smooth and operative cooperation. In addition to cargo safety we are providing services under the CMR insurance.



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